Glucovibes Methodology

How can I get glucose readings from the sensor?
To obtain glucose values you must use one of the sensors compatible or synchronisable with Glucovibes, and take a reading from the application. Remember that you must hold it for a few seconds on the sensor for the reading to be taken correctly. These sensors can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or contact us and we will help you with the management.

How often do I have to pass the mobile phone over the sensor?
By taking a reading at every meal, when you go to bed and when you get up, it is enough to have a complete detail of your day.
The application will notify you every 7 hours if it does not receive information about new readings while you have an active sensor. Turn on the app’s notifications.
A tip: do a “vibe” when you go to bed and another “vibe” in the morning when you wake up so you don’t lose data at night.

How does the app work?
The reading app uses NFC technology, just like the contactless payment method with the phone, you get the information when you bring your phone close to the sensor with the reading option activated.

Precautions related to the service

Glucovibes and the service provided are not medical services or medical professionals, and does not in any case provide products and/or services that may be considered medical devices, medical services or any other diagnostic service linked to the medical field to users or third parties.

The service therefore does not include any type of service or product that could be a substitute for a professional medical service, medical advice or similar.

If you have any medical, pathological or similar questions while using the app, Glucovibes strongly recommends that you contact your doctor or health professional and that you do not make any decisions on your own. Glucovibes, the app and its information are not a medical device for self-diagnosis. If you have any doubts or emergencies, go to your health professional.
You should never rely on the information provided by Glucovibes as medical advice or a substitute for a medical diagnosis or to define treatments associated with any type of pathology.

The relationship by email, app or messages between Glucovibes professionals and the end user can in no case be associated with a doctor-patient relationship between Glucovibes and the user.

The user must not take readings in hazardous conditions such as cycling, driving or any other scenario where the use of the hands for reading may endanger the integrity of the user.

The sensor

What type of sensor is it?
Glucovibes does not manufacture sensors or sell medical devices. The user is urged to review the “Precautions associated with the service”.

The current service requires the use of a Freestyle Libre2 sensor marketed by Abbott which can be purchased directly by the end user. For more information, please contact us and we will assist you in the purchase process.

How long is the life of the sensor?
The life of the sensor is 14 days from its activation. After this period of time, it stops working and must be removed. All the instructions associated with the sensor can be found on the sensor manufacturer’s website.

Can the sensor get wet?
There is no problem getting the sensor wet, whether in the shower or swimming. However, it is not recommended to dive deep into the water. All the instructions associated with the sensor can be found on the sensor manufacturer’s website.

Where should I wear the sensor?
The sensor should be placed on the back of the arm, following the instructions that come in the box. All the instructions associated with the sensor can be found on the sensor manufacturer’s website.


How can I contact my nutritionist?
If you have any questions, our nutrition team is at your disposal. You can contact them at soporte@glucovibes.com.

How often will the nutritional follow-up be done?
During the first week it is important to generate information in the application, but it will not be enough to draw conclusions. During the first week the nutrition team will contact you to see if you have any doubts about the use of the application and to get to know you better. After the lifetime of the sensor, the nutrition team will contact you again to have an interview and start preparing the nutritional report with the variables generated.

Do I have to add and weigh all the meals?
The more accurate you are in all the intakes you make and the quantities eaten, the more accurate you will be in analysing how your metabolism works.

Although adding your weight is not easy, sauces and food dressings can make a big difference to the macronutrient composition and calories of the food you eat. Don’t forget to add them.

Do drinks need to be added?
Drinking water does not need to be added, but other drinks such as soft drinks or alcoholic beverages do need to be added, as they directly affect glucose levels.

How do I weigh foods with skin or peel?
There are foods whose peel or skin is negligible when it comes to weighing, i.e. they have hardly any effect on the final weight of the food. On the other hand, there are foods whose skin has a higher weight (watermelon peel or avocado stone for example) that it is interesting to weigh when removing it, in order to subtract this weight from the total weight of the food. Over time, this practice becomes more and more intuitive.

How can I have a personalised service?
If, in addition to the report at the end of the sensor’s lifetime, you would like to continue to receive the service of our nutrition team, you can contact us at soporte@glucovibes.com.

Glucovibes app

What should I record?
Save your events. Every time you eat or exercise, record the event in the app. This way the variation in glucose levels will be easier to understand and we will be able to provide you with more valuable information to help you achieve your goals.

What are the questionnaires for?
Remember to fill in the day and night questionnaires available in the app. The quality of sleep and stress experienced throughout the day have a direct impact on glucose levels. If you add this information, our nutrition team will have better information when preparing the final report.

I get the message “No food data”.
This message appears when we have a weak internet connection and the application cannot connect correctly with the platform. Try moving around looking for a better connection or activating mobile data.

My sensor is already activated and after reading it tells me “There is no active sensor”.
If the following message appears when reading an active sensor, you should read it again and it will appear correctly. If the problem persists, it may be because the connection between the sensor and the mobile phone has been interrupted. In this case, the phone must be switched off and then switched on again so that the connection works again.

Can I add this information from the web platform?
Yes, you can download glucose data from Abbott’s libreview.com platform and upload the data to your my.glucovibes.com space from your computer and your glucose data from your previous and historical sensors will be associated with your profile.

The only way to add intakes or sports activity is through the mobile app, either manually or, in the case of activity, by integrating with third-party apps with which Glucovibes is compatible.