Understanding your body is well-being.

We aim at promoting the transformation towards a healthy, conscious and happy society, developing solutions that put our technology at the service of people’s well-being. Compatible with IOS iPhone 7 or higher. Android, not available, coming soon.

What we care about

We are here to innovate, lead and motivate change towards a healthy life to encourage transformation. We feel it as a strong responsibility and a commitment of our own, which is our motto as organization.

The society we want to belong to is one that makes better decisions because it is better informed and more motivated. We also want to move other people, generate a positive conscious movement and make them vibrate. This is what makes our true difference.

In our DNA, there is engineering, innovation and technology. And we intend to make this technological capacity and the talent of our team available to people, translated into innovative, simple and effective solutions. We wish to be happiness creators. 

The power of feeling well. The responsibility for sharing it.

We allocate part of the profit from sales to improve the health of children with type 1 diabetes.

We promote local collaborations and pursue sustainability from the packaging design with recycled cardboard, to the energy management of our facilities. The power that we feel, the strong desire of living better, being more aware, happier, we feel it as a responsibility and a commitment of our own, which moves us as an organization. 

You have more information about the non-profit initiative for children with type 1 diabetes in Xugar Hero.

Together is better.

We feel accompanied by the best travel companions. Our team and partners are experienced and involved people who support and inspire us.

Xabi Sesma

GlucoVibes Operations Director

Dr. Alejandro López Escobar

GlucoVibes Medical Director

Aitor Viribay

Scientific Director of GlucoVibes

Iñigo Bereciartúa

Ingeniero de software

Itxaso Erasun

Nutricionista investigadora

Jon Etxepare

Nutricionista investigador

Carlos Rodríguez


Pepe Alcaide

Socio y embajador corporativo
Alto ejecutivo

Eider Ayuso

Socia y embajadora
CEO Le Chic Moments

Jose Casla

Socio y embajador del ciclismo
CEO Giant Iberia

Xabi Prieto

Socio y embajador deportivo
Ex-capitán Real Sociedad

Pablo Benegas

Socio y embajador del espectáculo
Músico La oreja de Van Gogh

From the heart of GlucoVibes.

"I have been lucky enough to be born with an autoimmune disease, which has deprived me of many things but has also given me the chance to learn more about our body"

“Thanks to blood glucose management, not only has my disease improved, but I have also learned to eat better and lead a healthy, full and practically normal life. Glucovibes is the way to share this knowledge and tool with you. "

Alberto Conde Mellado.
Founder of GlucoVibes.