Get to know yourself by monitoring your body with our app.

We aim at promoting the transformation towards a healthy, conscious and happy society, developing solutions that put our technology at the service of people's well-being. Compatible with IOS iPhone 7 or higher. Android, not available, coming soon.

Know its functions

As simple as a Vibe

Connecting with your body is as easy as getting a vibe.

With a simple Vibe you will get the value of your blood glucose level. Analyse its evolution, the daily time you spend in suitable ranges, your lowest moments, the impact of the activity. Take control and become aware!

The power of foods

A broad nutritional basis to understand the power of foods.

Take advantage of our broad nutritional base and record what you eat to get the nutritional detail of your lifestyle. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fat, Energy. You will discover the power behind each type of food and you will learn to better know and select the right time for each food and the global needs of your body.

Listen to your body

GlucoVibes connects you with your body and interprets what it has to say to you so you understand how it works.

Analyse your evolution, how long you have been in range, the moment of the day you are, if you have higher or lower blood glucose. Control your basal glycemia, indicator of fatigue, tiredness, stress. Listen to your body.